Eyptian Mau

Disappointed that you can’t have a leopard in your apartment? Well, I’m the next best thing. The only naturally spotted domestic cat, I can run up to 30 miles an hour and make impressive leaps. Descended from duck hunters, I love to play in water and fetch things.

I’m definitely not a layabout, but I’ll enjoy a cozy lap when in the mood, happily chortling and cooing. I’m affectionate and deeply loyal to family, but reserved with strangers and kids. Gentle and shy, I startle easily.

People are drawn to my exotic looks, which can be variations of silver, bronze, black, blue, or smoke. The Egyptian scarab M on my forehead and mascara lines on my cheeks add intrigue to my appearance. Brush me weekly to control hair and enhance my coat’s shine.

I’m a medium-sized cat weighing 6 to 14 pounds. A very healthy breed, I’ll impress you with my athletic grace for 12 to 15 years.