In geometry the circle is considered the perfect shape—which would make me the perfect cat! I have a round face, expressive round eyes, and even a rounded read end! But my most unique feature is the lack of a tail, though sometimes I may have a tiny one.

One look at my face tells you I’m a gentle, playful cat. I enjoy kids and other pets, playing games, and showing off my jumping skills. I’m smart and can deftly get into forbidden places—and I’m fascinated by water. My voice is soft and trilling.

Even though I have a sweet kittenish face, my 8- to 12-pound body is thick and powerful. My coat may be short or long and various colors and patterns. Comb or brush me once or twice a week, more often during shedding seasons.

Aside from occasional tailbone arthritis, I’m a healthy breed who’ll be a loving member of your household for 9 to 14 years.