Just like my Siamese cousin, I provide a running commentary of the day’s events in a distinctive, though slightly softer, voice. Look elsewhere if you prefer a quiet pet. My chattiness is an extension of my joy for life: I’m energetic, inquisitive, enthusiastic, and a bit of a ham. Children and pets won’t faze me.

I crave affection, especially from one person, and can be sensitive to rejection—though I myself can be snooty at times. Life is really all about me!

My lithe, muscular frame weighs 5 to 10 pounds, with big flared ears, dainty paws, and a thin, whip-like tail. The coat may be short or long and can be any of 600 colors and patterns. Weekly brushing or combing will control hair.

Orientals are generally healthy and with proper care will be yakking away for 10 to 15 years. Potential issues to watch for are crossed eyes, liver problems, heart disease, and bladder stones.