Something about a child’s ragdoll just suggests pure, simple love—which is what you’ll get from me. I’m sweet and polite, and I get along with everyone. I like to play but am generally pretty mellow—hold me and I’ll melt into happily into your arms! I’ll happily follow you around like a puppy but will never be rambunctious. A docile, dopey kid with a soft voice, I love being with children.

I’m big and totally huggable, weighing 10 to 15 pounds; males can reach 20. I have big blue eyes and a silky, somewhat long coat in a pointed pattern—with a light body and darker face.
Combing once or twice a week will avoid tangles and control shedding.

With proper care I’ll be a source of affection in the house for 12 to 17 years. I do have slight risks for heart disease, bladder stones, and periodontitis. And I can put on weight, so limit treats!