Russian Blue

If smiles are contagious, you’ll always feel happy having me around. My upturned mouth gives me a perpetual smile. But I’m a complex sort, shy and reserved—especially among strangers. I’m more open and playful with family and will quietly follow you around.

Despite my cool demeanor, I can be sensitive. If you rebuff my requests for attention, I can feel fearful and anxious. I’m not a fan of change, preferring a regular household routine. This includes following rules; I’m very obedient.

I’m a strikingly beautiful blue with a silver sheen and green eyes. My trim, graceful body weighs 5 to 11 pounds. I’m not a heavy shedder so grooming is simple, just a weekly sweep of a brush. I’m a robust breed with no major health concerns, though I can be prone to overeating! With proper diet and care I’ll be a quietly genteel fixture in the house for 10 to 15 years.