People have strong feelings about me. Elegant, socially demanding, and noisy, I’m a lot of personality in a sleek package. I use my raspy voice to chat—and if you don’t respond, I’ll keep talking. I like to be involved in every part of my family’s life, though I can sometimes be rather cold. I look regal and like to act that way.

Highly intelligent, I’ll cause mischief if left alone all day. My short, fine coat comes in 4 colors with darker points, complemented by striking blue eyes. Luckily my high-fashion look is low maintenance: a weekly brushing is all I need. My 6- to 10-pound frame is noted for its graceful, aristocratic lines.

I am prone to a number of health issues, including eye and tooth problems, asthma, liver disease, bladder stones, and heart defects. With proper care and a gift for gab, we’ll be discussing the day’s events for 11 to 15 years.