Looking for a lot of cat? I’m one of the largest domestic breeds, weighing 13 to 26 pounds and covered in thick fur for harsh Russian winters. I’m like a toddler: playful, affectionate, and curious. An agile jumper and acrobat, I play with abandon and handle my size well. Nothing fazes me, including raucous kids.

Despite my size, I have a sweet, chirpy voice. I’m emotionally attuned to people and can offer faithful emotional support.

My triple coat repels water and resists tangling and matting. A weekly brushing is all I need, with daily attention during spring and fall. My coloring may be all combinations, with or without white.

I’m hardy and healthy, with my only risk being heart disease. I take 5 years to reach full size, but never really grow up. With proper care, I’ll be an oversized kitten for 11 to 15 years.