I might be the tiniest one in the room, but everybody will know me! I weigh just 4 to 8 pounds, but I have a big, bright personality. An extrovert who enjoys the spotlight, I’m very active and mischievous—and remain that way all my life. But I can turn it off and be a cozy lap cat any time. I intuitively know when someone needs some love, and I do well with children and pets.

I have large eyes and ears on my small frame, giving me an alert, impish appearance. My coloring is a soft beige, almost like an old sepia-tint photograph. My short, flat coat requires only weekly brushing to control hair and maintain the shine.

My health is quite good except for a slight risk of PKD, an enzyme deficiency that can cause anemia. With love and care I’ll be the star of your holiday parties for 11 to 15 years.