Graceful, stubborn, and super active, I’m the longhaired, glamorous version of my Abyssinian cousin. Highly intelligent and mischievous, life with me won’t be dull! I’m too busy to be cuddly. I demonstrate affection by watching you with quiet contentment, preferably from a very high perch.

Fearless and friendly, I love playing fetch with kids and have no problem with dogs if they’re okay with me. A daytime pal while everyone’s out will keep me happy.

My muscular body is 6 to 10 pounds with a bushy tail. The dense, fine coat feels soft and can be burnt sienna, cinnamon red, blue, or fawn. Each ticked hair has light and dark bands of color. Weekly brushing will control hair and matting.

Potential health concerns include PKD, which causes anemia, myasthenia gravis, renal disease, periodontal disease, and retinal atrophy. With good care I’ll be leaping, climbing, and bounding about the house for 11 to 16 years.