You may remember me from the Austin Powers movies of the 1990s—but you don’t have to be Dr. Evil to appreciate this unique hairless breed. I’m actually covered in a suede-like down that feels soft and warm, much like my personality. I’ll lovingly follow you around the house like a dog, purring and wagging my tail.

I’m active, silly, and love to play, but I also like to snuggle. I appreciate having a pet friend during the day.

My 6- to 12-pound frame is covered in loose skin that gathers in distinctive folds. Although there is no hair to brush, I do need weekly to monthly baths to remove oils that can clog pores.

Generally a healthy breed, I can be prone to heart disease, skin problems, periodontal disease, and a rare hereditary myopathy that affects muscle movement. With loving care I’ll be a cherished companion and conversation starter for 8 to 14 years.