A cousin of Burmese and Siamese, I have their same chatty nature—so please be prepared for some noise in the house, though my voice is softer. I just want to tell you about my day because I’m so devoted. I crave affection and give it back tenfold.

Life is a joyous adventure, and everything seems like a game to me. I’m a great family cat who loves to play fetch and may even join a children’s sing-along!

I’m a solid, muscular 6 to 12 pounds with pretty almond eyes. My short coat is fairly thick and feels silky soft—and may be any of 12 color and pattern combinations. Weekly brushing is all the grooming I require.

I’m susceptible to several health problems, including asthma, heart defects, liver disease, lymphoma, eye problems, and hyperesthesia syndrome, a neurological disorder. With proper care I’ll be sharing stories with you by the fire for 10 to 16 years.