Turkish Van

I’m a cat that runs hot on all cylinders. Active, talkative, demanding, and a big eater, I live life with gusto, and my family should come along for the ride. I’m social and affectionate, though I do tend to bond with one person. I love learning tricks and playing with water—my pranks may test your patience sometimes.

I’m fine with other pets but dislike being held. If my pink nose turns red, I’m in a mood: please give me some space!

I’m an athletic cat weighing 11 to 18 pounds. My cashmere-soft, single coat fits my lifestyle: brush me once every week or so and we’re good to go. My coloring is primarily white with red, cream, black, or blue, with tabby and tortoiseshell variations as well.

My zestful philosophy is rewarded with a long life of 12 to 17 years. The only potential health risk to watch for is heart disease.