Rabbit – English Angora

Love the idea of a lush angora rabbit but don’t want to be overrun by wool? I’m the smallest of the Angora family at 5 to 7 pounds. It’s difficult to describe my features because thick wool covers every inch, including my face and ears. With my rounded body I look like a wild ball of fluff—and I’m softer than cashmere! My coloring can be white, blue, black, or fawn, in solid or broken patterns.

Unlike other rabbits, a coat like mine requires regular brushing. Loose wool also can affect my digestion, so include plenty of hay in my diet. I’m very mellow, so I have no problem with grooming. Still, choose a non-Angora breed if you’re unable to provide this extra attention. Unlike larger Angoras, we’re more frequently raised as pets than for our wool.

With loving care you’ll be enjoying my soft coat and sweet teddy bear face for 7 to 12 years.