Rabbit – English Lop

There are several types of Lop breeds, but I’m the first—and I have the longest floppy ears at 21 to 32 inches tip to tip! My slender body weighs 9 to 15 pounds, and I have a short, smooth coat that can be a variety of solid colors or broken colors on white.

I’ll never be mistaken for a jackrabbit; I’m more like a lazy, lumbering dog. But I’m very happy and sweet and adore being held—however, I may be too large for some children.

My ears are susceptible to infection, so check and clean them periodically, and clip my toenails so that I don’t nick them. I also need a large pen to avoid standing on my ears. Due to the extra care required, I’m not a good match for new rabbit owners. As one of the oldest domestic rabbit breeds, I’ll be a distinguished member of the family for 5 to 7 years.