Rabbit – French Angora

Looking for a low-maintenance Angora rabbit? If so, then I’m the best choice. This doesn’t mean my luxurious coat needs no maintenance, but it does require less attention than my Angora cousins. The wool is especially fine and silky, making it difficult to spin—but it’s perfect for baby clothes.

If you’re more interested in a pet than yarn, you’ll appreciate my sweet, gentle nature. I’m a larger Angora breed at 8 to 10 pounds, with no wool on my face or front feet and minimal tufts on the ears. Unlike other full-fluff Angoras, you can easily see my cute features! My coloring may be black, white, blue, or fawn, either solid or broken.

Regular brushing and fresh hay will avoid problems with tangles and the wool blocking my intestines. Any Angora needs special care, so please select another breed if you’re unable to provide it. If you can make the commitment, though, I’ll be an adorably cuddly friend for 7 to 12 years.