Rabbit – Perlfee

You won’t feel blue with me around the house—although trying to find a Perlfee breeder may dampen your mood a bit, as I’m a fairly new and rare breed and can be difficult to find. Be prepared for a fantastic payoff for your efforts, though—I make an excellent companion pet due to my sweet and friendly nature.

My soft, silky fur is a cool blue-gray color in dark, light, or medium tones. White guard hairs give the coat a pearlescent effect, so I seem to change color from different angles. I’m medium-sized at 5 to 8 pounds and have big blue-gray eyes and 4- to 5-inch upright furry ears.

Like any robust rabbit, I need a good diet and regular exercise outside the pen to keep me happy and healthy. With proper care I’ll be a true-blue friend who will cheer you up for 8 to 12 years.