Rabbit – Satin Angora

One touch of my wooly coat and you’ll understand why angora sweaters are so popular. In addition to being soft like my other Angora cousins, my coat’s translucent sheen captures light, which gives me an elegant appearance. The feel is finer and less dense than other Angoras.

I’m a medium-sized rabbit at 6 to 9 pounds and have wide upright ears. My coloring may be white, black, fawn, or blue. My luxurious coat does require extra care, so please brush me regularly to avoid tangles, and include plenty of hay in my diet to keep the wool from blocking my digestive tract. I have no wool on my face or ears, so grooming is easier than with some of my cousins.

Like all Angoras I’m very sweet and mellow. We tend to be curious and like to explore, although we’re not a high energy breed. With gentle, responsible care I’ll be a friend for 7 to 12 years.