Other Furry – Gerbil

Beware if you welcome this cute little escape artist into your home! Plastic cages are no match for me; I’ll gnaw through them and hurt my tummy—so a glass aquarium or wire cage is best. Luckily I don’t bite people or sleep all day, so I’m a good choice for kids—but be watchful with little ones.

Regular social attention keeps me happy, and do consider getting a same-sex playmate for me so that you can watch us frolic. I also enjoy just watching the family. I’m bold and quick, so take care that I don’t scoot away. Provide plenty of deep bedding to satisfy my natural need to dig.

Most pet gerbils are Mongolian breeds, growing to about 4 inches with a furry tail and weighing over 3 ounces. Commercial gerbil seed mix and some fresh veggies suit my dietary needs. Health issues include respiratory problems, seizures, and mites. With proper care and maybe a fun gerbil companion, I’ll be entertaining the family for 2 to 3 years.