Other Furry – Rats

Put aside any horror stories about dark city alleys that you might have heard—I’m actually a very social, smart, and meticulously clean pet. I enjoy being with people and may just hang out on your shoulder or snuggle while you watch TV. Some even say I’m like a dog. Although naturally active at night, I’ll adapt my schedule to match yours, so I’m good for children—though I can nip under duress.

I do require at least an hour a day outside my cage—both for exercise and interaction—and I can even learn tricks! Being alone makes me unhappy, so I do best with a companion. A wire cage will allow me to climb, and be sure to include plenty of toys and spaces for me to hide out and relax.

I’m a manageable size at 7 to 11 inches with a long hairless tail, and I weigh under 2 pounds. My diet should include commercial food and a few fresh veggies. With proper care I’ll be a devoted pet for 2 to 4 years.