Reptiles – Tortoise

Although not highly affectionate, turtles and tortoises have many fans. Despite having similar bodies, we’re different in terms of care. Turtles need water for frolicking and a warm, dry space to relax. Shy tortoises prefer to hide in concealed spaces and bask in warmth, with a water soak now and then to drink and cool off. Turtles eat vegetables and protein such as insects; tortoises are strict vegetarians. We have long life spans, with tortoises living decades, so be prepared for a lengthy commitment.

Turtles have webbed feet for swimming and tend to be more colorful. Good options for first-time owners include the Red-Eared Slider, Eastern Box turtle, and Western Painted turtle. Tortoises can be less vibrant yet still boast impressive carapace patterns. Popular types include Russian, Greek, and Red-Footed tortoises. Do ask about size at maturity, as tortoises can become quite large!

As with all reptiles, creating the proper environment is critical. This includes heaters and UV light, with additional water heaters and filters for turtles. Provide ample space for turtles to get exercise. With proper care, you’ll enjoy our quiet, grounded presence for many years.