Tip of the Month

November 2016

by MycomPETibility

You are probably well aware of many basic things to keep an eye out for over the holidays like making sure your furry friend doesn't get into any of the chocolate, grapes, alcohol, fatty foods, etc. However, stress is one thing that can go overlooked during this time of year. Even for the most domesticated of pets, a large group of visitors can create a pretty stressful environment. 

So, before you finish prepping all the food and making that spare bedroom, set up a nice safe spot for your pet to retreat to if they feel stressed with all the guests around. This should be an isolated area that they can familiarize themselves with a couple weeks before and it should be somewhere where noone is entering if the pet has decided to make his or her way there to decompress. If you try to keep in mind that your pets are less like a stuffed animal and a lot more like you then you should be alright. There is bound to be some holiday interactions that stress you out and send you looking for a savior in your brother, sister, spouse, favorite cousin, etc. Your pet is just like you; they don't always love interacting with every single person they meet, especially when it is a large group of guests at once. Do your pet and yourself a favor and at least make sure that safe retreat is available to them. 

Happy Holidays to you and your pets!