Tip of the Month

October 2016

by MycomPETibility

Halloween is now just around the corner, and we are sure that everyone is gearing up to have a great time with their pets. October is for planning costumes, getting ready for trick or treaters, and having a great time enjoying the fall season. Here are two things to keep in mind to make sure you do that safely and responsibly with your pets...

First, always make sure the candy jar is out of reach. Even if you have a well behaved pet, it is always a good idea to keep those treats in a safe spot. Many of the candies that we find so enjoyable around Halloween can be harmful to your pets, so make a happier Halloween for all by avoiding them having access to those. Second, take care when dressing your pets up in costumes. You probably know your pet better than most, so try to gauge their comfort level. If your pet is not comfortable with it, it's probably not a good idea (even if it's cute). Make sure they are not restricted and can still move, bark, meow, scratch, and do everything they normally would. 

Keep these things in mind and have a happy Halloween everyone!